Persuasive proposals: Writing to win

Available face to face and virtually

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This course supports teams producing written proposals, perhaps in answer to a request for proposal or invitation to tender, and often to a tight timetable.

Although the written document may take second place to the face-to-face presentation, it’s still critical in persuading the clients that you’re the right people to deliver what they’re looking for. This course will give you the tools to produce compelling proposals.

We’ll look at the whole process from planning and choosing the right structure to seeing it from the client’s point of view, writing persuasively and making it visually exciting.

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“The trainer, Cathy, was exceptionally good. It was an interactive course, and she was very good at guiding us through each stage and giving us time to discuss the points.”

“Overall it was a very good course, and instructed by someone with a good knowledge of language and how best to use it to give a strong positive message.”

“It was a great course. The external instructor provides a fresh and objective view on how we write proposals and how we can improve our writing.”

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